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Holidays in the UK

It is always a big decision whether to holiday somewhere abroad or visit somewhere closer to home, but more and more families are choosing the convenience and safety of holidaying closer to home in the UK.

We have been speaking to some of our guests to understand why they would chose a UK holiday over a trip abroad and here is what we discovered….

Budget airlines may have lowered the cost of flying abroad, but plane tickets are still one of the most expensive parts of your overall budget.  With extra charges for baggage, choosing to sit together and many other ‘extras’, staying in the UK means that you can save a lot on travelling or even better – spend this money on things you would rather such as excursions and activities for your children.

With the value of the £ plummeting in recent weeks, the cost of a holiday abroad is uncertain. With a UK holiday you will know where you stand and don’t need to worry about costs escalating.

Going on holiday abroad often means that you lose a day just getting to your destination. Lengthy trips to the airport (often at unsociable hours that can prove tricky with children), 2-3 hour check in times and the time of the flight itself can all add up.  Booking a lodge UK holiday might save you a whole extra day off work. Simply load the car up, drive to Sandy Balls and your holiday begins the moment you arrive.

Explore our beautiful country
Have you always wanted to visit Bournemouth’s beautiful beaches or see the unique sight of a New Forest pony sauntering across the road oblivious to anyone around them? Fulfil the kids dream of visiting Paulton’s Parks Peppa Pig World or the motor museum at Beaulieu? A UK lodge break or any other type of staycation would give you a perfect opportunity to explore Britain.


The fact that you are in the UK makes a few things easier. Speaking English, using your own currency, no adaptors to charge your phone and you aware of what is socially acceptable.

No packing restrictions

Push-chair, travel cot, clothes, your child’s favourite toys (all 7 of them), wellies, camera … the list goes on and on. Why limit what you bring on holiday when you can chuck all of these in your boot? Staying in the UK for a holiday means no packing restrictions and no charges for extra baggage.

Discovering our own country has lots of benefits and there are so many ways to do it. Some people like to jump into their motorhome and enjoy the freedom of their “moving-house”, others decide to go glamping or camping and others choose a UK lodge breaks. There are lots of options at Sandy Balls with many places to visit for day trips in the surrounding area.

Why not book a UK lodge holiday with us now? Click here for prices and availability.


A happy family in a Safari tent

Camping not for you? Think again!

As a Manager at Sandy Balls, I was slightly apprehensive when I was asked to stay in one of our new Safari Tents so I could fully experience the unique experience they offer.  Don’t get me wrong, they look amazing, but as mum to a toddler, and someone who hasn’t camped for many years, I much prefer the comforts of a lodge and have happily lived without the adventure of camping for some time now.

We arrived after work on Friday with friends and quickly realised we didn’t need half of the things we had brought with us as literally everything is provided!  We had planned a BBQ on the Friday evening so the kids were soon happily running around and exploring whilst we cracked open the Prosecco and got dinner cooking.  It was so peaceful and lovely being outside and everything is nice and safe, even for toddlers.  We could relax and give our daughter the freedom that you don’t find in many places when you are travelling with a nearly 2 year old. You could hear birdsong and families laughing and playing together, both wonderful sounds.

After a relaxing evening playing cards on the veranda and catching up, the beds were a welcome comfort and we all got a great night’s sleep.  The kids even slept in until 7.30am which was an unexpected treat.  Next came the part I was most apprehensive about.  The shower blocks.  Now to most experienced campers, this is just part and parcel of camping but I didn’t relish the thought.  I of course knew we had won many awards for our touring facilities but I was still pleasantly surprised at how lovely and clean and toasty warm they were with lovely hot showers and a lovely clean bath for the little ones.  There were areas to hang up clothes whilst showering and hair dryers and shelves for placing all your possessions whilst getting ready.

By now I was relaxing into it and realising camping may be for me.

With electric lighting in every room in our tent, and a heater (that we didn’t actually need), we didn’t need to worry about the elements.  Cosy warm duvets ensured we all had a lovely night’s sleep and the kids loved the bunk beds. We even managed to fit a travel cot into the double bedroom so our daughter didn’t need to sleep in the lounge as originally planned.

Saturday was packed full of activities.  Forest Caching in the morning, swimming in the afternoon and a great Clay Play session to finish off.  We had a delicious dinner in the Forest Table before heading back to our tent for another evening of relaxation on the terrace.  I was officially enjoying camping!

The Safari Tents are just perfect for families that want the relaxed, outdoor adventure that comes with camping in the great outdoors, but don’t have the time (or inclination) to buy all the equipment, spend hours packing up the car and setting everything up.  You can simply rock up and enjoy!

We will definitely be back!


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