Children’s Parties

Children's Parties

Take the hassle out of organising your child’s party and have it with us!

We have plenty planned for your child and their guests too. Just pick which party package you would like to have for your child’s party from the choices below (minimum number of 8 children).

The kids can have a party food spread to share after their activity, with a choice of sandwiches,
(Jam, Ham, Cheese, Egg Mayo, Marmite) Sausage Rolls, Cocktail Sausages,
Carrots and Cucumber with Dip, Party Rings, Cheese Cubes and Assorted Crisps & Squash
For dessert it’s 2 scoops of yummy Ice Cream! For £5.50 per child

Once you have your party choice planned, send us an email and we can get your party booking started right away!

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Treasure Hunt
Armed with a treasure map, the group go on the hunt for buried treasure. With clues hidden on route, they are sure to be hunting high and low for that gold... Arrrr!
T50 mins
A4-8 years
Nerf Wars
Move in, on and around camps, nets and tunnels using your Nerf gun to shoot at your opponents in our Nerf arena. Dress for mess! All equipment supplied
T60 mins
A6+ years
We start off with tuition and a chance to practice to get the party on target. There will be various challenges and prizes up for grabs including closest to the bullseye, ‘pop’ the balloon and ‘Make your way to the middle’.
T50 mins
C£19 per child
Combat Games
Enjoy this team combat game using laser guns. All the fun of paintballing, without the mess. Accept your mission and emerge the winning team!
T2 hours
Tie Dye
Get creative and tie-dye your own t-shirt or bag with many colours and patterns. When they have finished they can have some playtime in our Indoor Soft Play, The Den or some fun games.
T50 mins
AAll ages (The Den suitable for under 6 year olds)
Clay Play
Let the Clay Play fun begin as kids let their imagination mould a block of clay into something to be proud of. Once finished, they get to paint it too.
T50 mins
AAll ages (The Den suitable for under 6 year olds)
Woodland Survival
Learn the basics of how to survive in dense woodland with limited materials. This journey of survival helps you with skills to build a shelter to keep you warm and dry, before learning how you can create one of the most essential lifesaving things - a fire!
Kids will be split into a maximum of 5 groups for this activity.
Will need 5 responsible adults to join
T90 mins

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